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This is for new customers only.
Returning customers should request service through their Fullbay Customer Portal. The link to your portal is included in each emailed invoice.

Or request the link via

Service Department

Here’s the truth.

Your truck is going to need worked on!


Whether your truck was purchased with us or not, our service department can help you plan a maintenance schedule to get the most out of your equipment. When breakdowns occur, our service team can come to you with our service vehicle able to diagnose engines on the spot. Here at TSC Truck we strive to give our customers the means to success. We provide:

•Diagnostic Software for all major diesel engines                   ◦Caterpillar







•Bee-Line alignment Equipment      

     ◦Front-end Adjustment

     ◦Drive Axle Alignment

     ◦Trailer Alignment


•Engine Repair - Minor to Major


     ◦Head Gaskets

     ◦Injector Replacement


•Repairs & Maintenance for all Major Components      ◦Suspensions

     ◦Transmission / Clutches & Rear Ends

     ◦Brakes / ABS

     ◦Tires / Balancing

     ◦Oil Changes & Service



     ◦A/C Maintenance



•Well-equipped Service Vehicle      


     ◦Air Compressor


All this without having to go all the way to the city for every hiccup. When you need to come in, just make an appointment by calling (815) 657-8400 and ask for the service department. With our night shift, many times we can get you in right away and ready to go the next morning.


          Josh Quick

          Service Manager




If you have any questions about your TSC Truck experience ask for our service manager Josh Quick. Josh has been in charge of the service Department for since 2010. It’s the goal of Josh and all of our technicians for the customer to understand and have a say in all work done on their vehicle. We are proud to be a partner in your success.


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