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 Test Lane

Test Lane Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday:
8 a.m. - 4 p.m.  |  First Come, First Served

How do I get my vehicle tested?

  1. Drive the vehicle you need tested to TSC Truck.

  2. Park your vehicle (in line) in front of the test lane at the north roll-up door.

  3. Bring your registration and current mileage into the office.

  4. If you have a DOT# please bring that in, too.

  5. The inspector will fill out the paperwork before the test begins.


Tips for Getting Tested

-Come unloaded. Loaded vehicles may not be allowed on the test lane.       


-Know how to operate your vehicles features (i.e. windshield wipers).


-If you fail your test,


          -you do not need to do another complete test.

          -Be sure to bring the failed paperwork with you when you've repaired     

            your vehicle and only the failed items will need checked.

          -You will not have to pay for two inspections.


-Check your lights and tires before you come in.

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